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Sangat Subjektif Sekali

Seni Piksel (coba-coba).

Sebagai pemain gim, saya selalu berminat pada karya-karya piksel. Kalau melihat karya-karya macam ini, saya jadi membayangkan. “gambar ini kalau jadi game bagaimana ya?” Berikut iseng2 saya 2 hari ini dengan karakter karangan saya (untuk cerita yang tidak jadi-jadi). Sebagian besar masih meniru gaya sprite Chrono Trigger dan Final Fantasy VI sih.



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Alam dan Lingkungan

Afforestation [Wikipedia]

Seawater Greenhouse [Wikipedia]

“50 Years Ago, This Was a Wasteland. He Changed Everything ” [Youtube]


10 Questions to Ask When You Create a Fictional Culture [alyssahollingsworth]

Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions: Peoples and Customs [sfwa]

Best and Worst Worldbuilding Thread [Reddit]


Google Cultural Virtual Tour [Google]

Living Japan #3: Mission Apartment

Catatan tentang mencari tempat di Jepang oleh Aryanie Amelia


If you’re considering a move to Japan, be ready to get on board the major first mission. I didn’t have to do too much moving into Italy and Malawi, having found good places to live before arriving. But moving to Japan was different case because my company let us live in the dormitory while finding a place according to our taste. So here’s my advice on how to do it based on my experience. Not saying these are the only options, though. 🙂

First, start with finding an agency that speaks English. It was tempting for me to contact the numbers on the vacancy adverts on exquisite buildings, but most of those “common” real estate agencies only provide services in Japanese. So if you speak sukoshi Japanese or none at all (like me when I arrived), choosing English-speaking agency is wise. I found UR Whitestone, UR Sumai, and

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Hasil Eksplorasi I 2016


Tiny cottage reveals a cave in England (via Domain)

Hong Kong tahun 1950-an (via wherethecoolthingsare)

Tempat suku-suku terpencil (via boredpanda)


Vølurheim, sekolah sihir nordik (via Kotaku)

Steampunk, dieselpunk (via io9)

Tokyo, diedit Wakui Masashi (via kotaku)


Das Hochaus (via das-hochhaus)


11 Film terbaik tentang Berlin (via mitvergnugen)

Flora Fauna

Burung Sekretaris, pembantai ular (via iflscience)

Artikel lain-lain

Flight mode (via kompasiana)

Makhluk mitologi unik (via tor)

What skyscrapers might look like in the future


Some among my readers may recall a dreadful incident, created by a dark genius of political theater, in September of 2001. This dismal act involved aircraft and skyscrapers. It so transfixed the public imagination that some feared skyscrapers would no longer be built.

Over a dozen years later, and we can see: quite the opposite came to pass. Skyscrapers multiplied in many locales never before graced with their presence. They showed impressive formal vitality, in a startling panoply of unheard-of shapes and stylings.

Today’s supertall structures, seen objectively, are risky, daring, even rather scary. Yet they inspire no apparent fear; the public greets them with kindness and complacency.

There are some complaints, of course, those standard complaints: the aggressive, thrusting showiness, the lack of a straightforward business model, the spoilt views of historic skylines. Identical things were said about the Eiffel Tower in the 1880s.

Old-fashioned complaints rarely pose big…

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Hasil Penjelajahan Januari 2015



  • Revolusi Fiktif (io9)
  • Peta Fantasi lagi (io9)

Budaya Pop


  • Trik Pesta (io9)
  • Komik tentang argumentasi internet (io9)
  • Mengapa Menyinga laut itu buruk (simplikation)
  • Cara membersihkan paru-paru (healthyfoodteam)
  • Pelajaran hidup untuk ulang tahun ke-30-mu (qz)
  • buku digital (oapen)


Hasil browsing November

  • History of Scientific Space Art (io9)
  • Writing tips from GRRM (lifehacker)
  • Natsuiro High School (Kotaku)
  • How Farming Almost Destroyed Civilization (io9)
  • 10 Dystopias that Are More Relevant (io9)
  • Therapy Cat (boredpanda)
  • Etymologies (starling.rinet)
  • Actual Revolutions (1o9)

What It’s Like To Be Half-Japanese

Thought Catalog

Eurasian, half-Japanese, bi-racial, mixed race, hafu, hapa, double, hybrid, dual culture, TCK (third culture kid,) the axis of evil (yeah, yeah: I am German and Japanese, get over it.) However you choose to describe me my lineage is often one of the most frequently asked questions when I meet new people. I have been asked if I am Brazilian, Italian, Middle Eastern, Indonesian, Malaysian, Turkish, and basically every nationality under the sun. I can’t keep up with the flavor of the day in terms of political correctness anymore so for the purpose of this article I am going to refer to people like myself as halflings.

I mean this as a term of endearment, and also as a tribute to one of my favorite TV series coming to an end this week. True Blood had me going for seven strong seasons and I am already mourning the loss. The series…

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Hasil Browsing September 2014

Tidak ada gambar yang menarik, lihat video ini saja:

atau ini:

Mohon maaf karena artikel lanjutan mengenai perjalanan ke Jepang ditunda lagi. Namun ada beberapa artikel di sini yang berkaitan dengan itu. Selamat menikmati.
Baca pos ini lebih lanjut

How to turn small talk into smart conversation


Tips from a comedian and a journalist on the art of going from small talk to big ideas — all summer long.

Imagine almost any situation where two or more people are gathered—a wedding reception, a job interview, two off-duty cops hanging out in a Jacuzzi.

What do these situations have in common? Almost all of them involve people trying to talk with each other. But in these very moments where a conversation would enhance an encounter, we often fall short. We can’t think of a thing to say.

Or worse, we do a passable job at talking. We stagger through our romantic, professional and social worlds with the goal merely of not crashing, never considering that we might soar. We go home sweaty and puffy, and eat birthday cake in the shower.

We stagger through our romantic, professional and social worlds with the goal merely of not crashing, never considering…

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